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     Matty is an Actor/Dancer/Singer/Choreographer living in NYC. His versatility as a performer spans Film, Theater, TV, and Dance.  He has had the honor of working with such notable directors as Spike Jonze, Michael Greif, Martha Clarke, Denis Jones, Michael Friedman, Jan Eliasberg, Maxine Doyle & Felix Barrett (Punchdrunk) and as the personal assistant to the late Trisha Brown.  

   He is married to his partner of 9 years (Jason) and lives in Astoria with their two dogs (Mason & Dixon) and a long haired Siamese named Oberon.  
Seek Another Land
Eynaud (Lead) - 
A Clip from upcoming Dramatic Short-Film,  SEEK ANOTHER LAND.   Eynaud (Matty Oaks), a struggling young shoemaker living in a rustic country village; he has to stand up against conformity after his sick wife is put through an extreme ordeal by his in-laws because of their devout religious beliefs.
Sweeney Todd

​Matty Oaks as SWEENEY in SWEENEY TODD, Directed and Choreographed by Adam Barruch and music Direction by Cris Frisco of Anatomiae Occultii, in a workshop of Sweeney that is a unique blend of Live Vocals and Modern Dance in the Vein of Pina Bausch.

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