1. GONE (Season 1 Ep. 7)
    Edited scenes of “Survivalist” Serial Killer Roy OGrady (Matty Oaks) has had a girl trapped under his Mt. Cabin for 2 years, He’s now moved on to Kidnapping Couples (Nicole Forrester - Gen. Hospital) until Kick (Leven Rambin - Hunger Games) and her Partner (Danny Pino - Cold Case) hunt him down for the kill. (GONE for NBC Universal - Season 1 Episode 7, by Matt Lopez, Dir. Jan Eliasberg)
  2. Girls Season 1 Ep. 7
    Basketball Audition Combo for “White Men Can’t Jump the Musical”
  3. Gossip Girl - The Big Sleep No More
  4. Seek Another Land (Short Film)
    Seek Another Land follows Eynaud (Matty Oaks), a struggling young shoemaker living in a rustic country village; he has to stand up against conformity after his sick wife is put through an extreme ordeal by his in-laws because of their devout religious beliefs.
  5. Clip from Connected (Short Film)
  1. Matty Oaks Acting Reel
  2. Dance Reel
  3. BC Beat L’Amour De Pudding
  4. BC BEAT : Follow You Into The Dark